Recordify 2017 v2.15

Total size 32.7 MB

Abelssoft Recordify 2017 v2.15

Released on 07/03/17 for exclusive usage by
members of the release scene. This isnt something
to share with your school mates and not for sale
Go and ask mommy to buy this app if you like it!

Company: Abelssoft

Release Information

Download Spotify Music For Free
Music from the streaming services like Spotify is
very popular, but unfortunately the free Spotify
version doesn’t let you save the music offline
Recordify has been developed exactly for this. It
works like live recording and saves every song as a
single MP3 or FLAC file. It’s brilliant!

Supports Spotify & Google Play Music
Recodify was developed to save music from all the
popular music-streaming-services in high quality
Currently, in addition to Spotify also Google Play
Music is supported

Record everything
With the additional recording function, you can
also record anything else that is being played on
your PC speakers

Install Notes

1. Unpack & install
2. Enjoy!

Group Notes

Currently, we have open positions to fill:

You are a advanced cracker, and you are
interested to work on challenging software
protections, including retail (non public)
supplies, and/or iso utils

You are familar with the common crypto
algorithms, or you are able to defeat commercial
software protection systems, such as Armadillo
ASProtect, FlexLM, etc

You work at a software distribution place
electronic store, software magazine, or any other
place where you are able to get fresh, unreleased
copies of applications, be it the mainstream, or
the more special stuff. Or if you have access in
any other way to registered user areas or such to
obtain retail software, which you are able to give
as a supply – be it for internal use only, or for
release usage

You work at a ISP, University or any other company
with at least 50mbit up/down and are able to
provide/share this connection for our usage
People with an upstream below 50mbit do not need
to apply

You are able to provide hardware for our internal

You are useful in any other way

If one of the above fits your qualifications, do
not hesitate to contact us via jabber:

when contacting via MSN, please make sure to have
OTR ( installed

Please. If the link is removed or dead. Give me a message. I upload again
(Always link is safe)
Direct Download Server
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