Tone2 – ElectraX

Total size 136.2 MB

Electra2 breathes new life into the term “synthesizer workstation”. With its powerful and sonically versatile approach to audio production, it provides you with truly outstanding new sounds.
The instrument is equipped with a high-end quality sound engine, multilayer support and a wide range of music production features. Its friendly hands-on interface allows first-timers to easily create sounds and experts to delve into sound design as deeply as they want to. With Tone2’s high quality sound technology at its core, you’re not only working with a greater palette for creating original sounds, but also the best sound quality possible, with a lower CPU usage than any other type of workstation.

How to install?
1. run the Setup and select the location where you would like to install the dll files.
2. Hit install
3. Done. precracked.

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Q: Where did it install?
A: By default it will select C:\VST\VST32

Q: It didn’t crack/patch/activate the plugin, what should i do?
A: it should just work, if not pm me, i will take a look myself again and reupload if needed

Q: How do i crack/patch it?
A: Everything is precracked.

Q: Do you upload on request?
A: Yes, depending on what plugin it is and how many requests i get, i may be able to upload whatever you want.


Please. If the link is removed or dead. Give me a message. I upload again
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