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Wolfram Mathematica 11 is the latest version of Wolfram Mathematica, the most powerful software for modern technical computing (symbolic, numeric, graphic). Wolfram Mathematica offers a set of tools for general computing both numeric, symbolic, as well as visualization. Mathematica combines powerful computing software with a convenient user interface. It features high-performance symbolic and numeric computation, 2D and 3D data visualization, and programming capabilities. In addition, It also seamlessly integrates general computing engine, documentation system, graphics system, programming language, and advanced connectivity to other applications.

Mathematica 11 introduces functionality for major new areas, including machine learning, 3D printing, audio processing, and many other new features and improvements. It provides a single integrated environment that covers the breadth and depth of technical computing.


– A wide range of dimensions, computing environments and workflows
– Networks computing, geometry, data science, images, visualization, etc.
– Powerful algorithms and capable of handling large-scale problems
– Sophisticated & interactive visualizations and rich publication formats
– Thousands built-in functions covering all areas of technical computing
– And much more.

What’s new in Wolfram Mathematica 11: http://www.wolfram.com/mathematica/new-in-11/

– Hundreds of new functions and improvememnts
– New array of visualizations and optimization
– New audio synthesis, processing, and analysis
– New computational photography (image processing)
– New geographics, entities, maps, and more.
– New import and print 3D models to 3D printers
– New powerful machine learning functionality
– New real-time spellchecker for 25 languages
– New support for random matrices & time series
– Other bug fixes and improvements.

Install notes:
WinRAR – added repair data 10%

Keygen scan on Virustotal – Result: 3/61 (Kaspersky does not alarm)
Link from the scan: http://tiny.pl/g1q4q

1. Install Mathematica_11.0.0_WIN and start the program (setup.exe)

2. Click “Other ways to activate”

3. Click “Manual Activation”

4. Copy the MathID shows in the dialog

5. Open windows command prompt,run Mathematica_11.0.0_Keygen.exe
paste the MathID(If you directly click the Mathematica_11.0.0_Keygen.exe,
you can’t use paste,and you can’t see the Activation Key and Password)

6. Copy generated Activation Key and Password and paste those to activation dialog
(The Activation Key is always 1234-4321-123456)

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(Always link is safe)
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